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Babu's Bar

Babu’s Bar

Situated on the sandy beach of Kilwa Beach Lodge; Babu’s Bar is an ideal place for a refreshing moment under the sun or beneath the shade of the palm tree bar. Playing lively funky upbeat music during the day and chill out in the afternoons and evenings beneath the moon beside the sea.

Despite the breeze it gets hot in Kilwa, but don’t worry ice-cold soda, beer and wine is always available. At sun-down we serve cocktails made with fresh, seasonal produce be it watermelon, mango, or exotic jack fruit. Ali, is our head barman and is always on hand to mix the latest cocktail, his Kilwa Iced Teas has come to be know as a force to be reckoned with!
Kilwa Bar
The area is spacious so you can choose your mood, either lounging on our floor mattresses or buzzing at the bar. We offer a full range of drinks; please download our menu.

The bar is named after the original founder of the beach lodge; who used to camp on the bar spot when the original overland camping safaris visited.