A wide variety of activities are available at Kilwa Beach Lodge Toggle

Underwater Life In Kilwa

There are many ways to enjoy Kilwa’s magical underwater life:
  • Snorkelling & Diving
  • Deep Sea & Artisan Fishing &amp
  • Dhow sailing in Kilwa Waters.
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At the intersection of land and sea, mangrove forests support a wealth of life, from starfish to people, and may be more important to the health of the planet than we ever realized.

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Hippo Pools

 In an average game-park hippo pool you may see ten or eleven of these ungainly mammals, near Kilwa there are nearly two hundred.

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Scientific Research

Plans are currently underway to begin accepting the first students from national and international universities at the scientific research centre on Masoko Pwani.
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Selous Game Reserve & Bush Camp

The Selous National Park is the largest wildlife area in Africa; at 55,000 square kilometers; the concentrations of wildlife is therefore understandably huge and it is only an hour from Kilwa. We have our own community campsite there
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