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There are many ways to enjoy Kilwa’s magical underwater life.

deep-sea-fishing kilwa

deep-sea-fishing kilwa

Game Fishing in Kilwa Waters.

We offer half day trips to a nearby coral atoll, choose to travel by local sailing dhow or by motor boat. Our “house reef” is only a few hundred meters offshore. Underwater you’ll find a world of texture and colour: metallic-blue starfish, giant clams with royal-purple lips and baby puffer fish floating past. Among this paradise you may see a lionfish lurking under a shelf, his mane-like tentacles fanning out along his backbone. These waters also shelter five species of turtle, including the rare loggerhead turtle, as well as dolphins and whales, although sightings are rare.

Diving in Kilwa Masoko Bay

Having run exploratory dives in the area over 10 years ago, we know that the diving potential of the area is comparable to that of the nearby islands of Mafia and Zanzibar. We currently offer diving trips with another operator and hope to offer our own diving in 2014.

Scientist based at the onsite KIYODEA Biological Research Station are currently undertaking valuable research into the small remaining dugong populations in Kilwa district. We encourage all our guests to visit the research centre during their stay.

 Artisanal ?Fishing?

Local fishermen are happy to take guests out in their dhow boats, which have ploughed the Indian Ocean for 1,000 years. Learn how to sail these wooden vessels, then relax with a rod and tackle.

Many of the first tourists braving the previously hard journey down to Kilwa were fishermen looking for that next bog catch. The waters around Kilwa are highly regarded for game fishing with Tuna and Sailfish commonly caught and some big game species such as marlin & King fish occasionally caught.


Underwater Kilwa Facts
There are many ways to experience, the lifeblood of Kilwa, the Indian Ocean. We are able to arrange the following trips:

  • Snorkeling on a nearby coral patch reef
  • Diving on the outer reef.
  • Game fishing in one of Africa’s highest regarded fishing areas.
  • Marine Research into dugongs.
  • Artisan Fishing