Kilwa Masoko, Kilwa Kivinje & the ruins of Kilwa Kisiwani Toggle

Kilwa Kivinje
kilwa kivinje

About a half-hour drive away from the beach lodge is Kilwa Kivinje. This was the German administrative capital of the Kilwa region.
They built a boma to house offices – you can still see it today the locals have long forgotten its original use.Like grass growing over a ruin, they’ve incorporated it into their daily life, some even squat in the sturdy edifice.

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Kilwa Masoko
Kilwa Masoko TownIf you can tear yourself away from the beach then our nearby town is well worth a visit. It is the administrative capital of the region, but remains small and welcoming. Wander down the dusty road surrounded by dukas small shops selling everything from Islamic texts & kitchen-ware to barbershops blaring R&B music with murals of Puff Daddy on the outside walls. If you want a flavour of modern-day Africa, it’s here. … read more
Kilwa Kisiwani
kilwa kisiwani ruinsDesignated a UNESCO World Heritage site due to its influence on the birth of Swahili culture, what is now a fishing village was, a thousand years ago, occupied by Arabs. They minted gold and sold spices, jewelry and slaves, whilst holding licentious parties under the light of the moon.

The Kilwa ruins are a must for any visitor to Kilwa and are a great help in understanding the Kilwa people and ancient Kilwa itself, they were awarded UNESCO World Heritage Site status in 1981. You will travel over to Kisiwani in a traditional dhow and will be shown round the island by a local, English speaking guide. These trips can be extended to include the Ruins of Songo Mnara……read more