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kilwa masoko town

kilwa masoko town

If you can tear yourself away from the beach then our nearby town is well worth a visit. It is the administrative capital of the region, but remains small and welcoming.

Wander down the dusty road surrounded by dukas small shops selling everything from Islamic texts (Kilwa is predominantly Muslim) and kitchen-ware to barbershops blaring R&B music with murals of Puff Daddy on the outside walls. If you want a flavour of modern-day Africa, it’s here. Round the corner and your back in the 1950s, the post office boasts a manually operated telephone exchange, sitting proudly next to the posters offering broadband internet.

“Masoko” means market and the covered hallway is still the town’s hub. Here you can buy all the staples as well as some more unusual items: okra, lemon-yellow aubergines that are chilli hot, and – bizarrely – sausage-shaped lumps of clay for pregnant-women with food cravings.

Its 3km from the camp to the town and we can offer you the use of our bikes or the services of a maasai as a guide to show you the way. For the more relaxed we also have a bajaj that can take you around.


Kilwa Masoko Facts

Our closest town, 3km away from the lodge:

  • Now the largest of the 3 Kilwas.
  • Small & friendly town.
  • Market, post office, bank but currently no ATM.